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  1. Servants of the Profane
  2. All that glitters and grinds
  3. No rest for the Wardens
  4. Sword and spell, healing and headshots
  5. Even the dead have forgotten liberty
  7. The mountain’s frozen bones
  8. The making of theRIFT™ soundtrack
  9. The towers of the learned
  10. Adam Gershowitz joins this week’s podcast!
  11. Escape from Gloamwood Pines
  13. New Rift podcast featuring Will Cook
  14. Danger flies through the Air Rifts
  16. City of gods and Guardians
  17. Four bold new souls join the fight
  18. Hal Hanlin on the RIFT™ podcast
  19. House Aelfwar lays siege to the Endless Court
  20. Enter the RIFT™ with a new video
  21. Twisted wretches in Runic Descent
  22. Cyril Kalmar, Champion of the Guardians
  23. David Reid joins this week’s podcast
  24. Sons of Mathos
  25. Evil in Deepwood Cottage
  26. The fallen forest
  27. Wizard’s bane, mind-melter, Fae-friend, and master of traps
  28. The Ascended Class System
  29. Ascended versus Ascended
  30. Chris Junior talks PvP on the RIFT podcast
  31. Maelforge’s triumph
  32. New trailer unleashed
  33. New trailer unleashed
  34. Maelforge’s triumph
  35. Chris Junior talks PvP on the RIFT podcast
  36. Best beloved of the Vigil
  37. The Brothers’ War
  38. Karen Bryan from Massively talks on the RIFT podcast
  39. RIFT Open Beta Begins Feb 15, 2011
  40. The podcast talks dungeons with Mr. Fish
  41. The werewolves of Gloamwood
  42. Pieces of Orphiel
  43. New PvP page links to Souls, Warfronts, and more
  44. The legend of Greenscale
  45. RIFT Head Start Begins Feb. 24, 2011
  46. Beastmaster, Bard, Cabalist, and Chloromancer
  47. RIFT is here!
  48. Greenscale’s Blight
  49. PvP rewards
  50. To feed the Devourer
  51. Silverwood
  52. Killer for the gods
  53. Alsbeth the Discordant
  54. This is RIFT
  55. An undead plague heralds the River of Souls
  56. Raid the River of Souls
  57. Face Alsbeth at the River of Souls
  58. Frederic Kain
  59. Adam Gershowitz discusses River of Souls
  60. Tales of Telara presents: Drowning in Snow
  61. Try RIFT for free this weekend!
  62. Build your class: Rogue video
  63. RIFT Mobile Authenticator now available
  64. Test For Region Specific News
  65. Charmer’s Caldera
  66. The Spoils of War: Prelude
  67. Upgrade your Ascended in RIFT 1.2
  68. Play the RIFT Free Trial
  69. Ascend-a-Friend for in-game rewards
  70. New Build Your Class video: Mage
  71. Cult of Akylios
  72. Free Character Transfers Coming Soon!
  73. Get connected with RIFTconnect
  74. Create a colossus
  75. Moonshade Highlands
  76. Scotty, orphan of Moonshade
  77. Akylios the Profane
  78. New Hammerknell Raid video: Evil shall rise
  79. Explore Droughtlands
  80. Hammerknell awaits in RIFT 1.3
  81. Evil set free: Hammerknell 20-player raid
  82. Special Summer Subscription Plans
  83. RIFT 1.3 is Here!
  84. Unmasking the Faceless Man
  85. Winners of the RIFT Create a Colossus Contest announced
  86. Tales of Telara presents: Drowning in Snow, Part 2
  87. Build Your Class: Cleric video
  88. Thontic, God of the Sea
  89. RIFT1.4: Legacy of the Fallen
  90. Survive Shimmersand
  91. The chase for Dragon Motes
  92. Drowning in Snow, Part 3
  93. The swamps of Stillmoor
  94. House Aelfwar
  95. Hal Hanlin on RIFTCEPTION
  96. Save the dates!
  97. Sylver Valis
  98. RIFT: Into the Future