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Conversation Between Juggernaut and Dag
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  1. Dag
    12-04-2008 12:13 AM
    no they don't your thread still sucks ass. thx for playing
  2. Juggernaut
    12-04-2008 12:03 AM
    and you still haven't given me +rep for the music video thread. At least one of the two I posted was a serious song.
  3. Juggernaut
    12-03-2008 11:35 PM
    don't be a dick about threads. Everybody needs to get rickrolled once in awhile everywhere they go.
  4. Dag
    08-26-2008 08:22 PM
  5. Dag
    07-19-2008 01:19 AM
    Lies! its actually 6 moves!
  6. Juggernaut
    06-26-2008 04:27 PM
    you shall never be the arcade king for long while I am around!

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