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Conversation Between Juggernaut and Aranince
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  1. Aranince
    08-15-2008 10:09 AM
    All the pages Thresh posts on makes Captain America look like Multiple Man.
  2. Juggernaut
    08-02-2008 12:41 AM
    Arm, was the message you deleted when I told you about your avatar something like this, "your avatar should be a dick since you are a dick"? If so, that is not mean at all. What would be mean is, "you have no friends and everyone hates you" That makes me cry
  3. Juggernaut
    07-19-2008 12:49 AM
    you think my internet is better than yours? Just tell me. I can only get 2 of the 3 starting points and I don't want to keep trying...
  4. Aranince
    07-18-2008 10:12 PM
    Three Moves lol. Basically did the same thing with all three pieces then the whole board turned my color because the computer didnt have pieces left. I am not going to tell you which moves, because then you will just try and beat my score by a few seconds :P
  5. Juggernaut
    07-18-2008 06:12 PM
    how did you get the hexagon score in 33 seconds!?
  6. Juggernaut
    07-18-2008 12:59 PM
    also, you are still an ass!
  7. Juggernaut
    07-18-2008 12:58 PM
    arm, space invaders is a time waster I agree. But Breakout is hard if you don't use strategy. Donkey Kong will beat you too if you aren't patient.
  8. Aranince
    07-17-2008 11:54 PM
    Everytime i post, "that put me in the lead." It makes you waste your time on the games that i can beat you on Space Invaders you can not lose on. You get like 8 lives and can't die once they can't advance further so it is basically who wants to play longer, same with breakout. Donkey Kong you pretty much have to give up on too, its not hard jumping barrels.
  9. Juggernaut
    06-28-2008 09:16 PM
    damn arm, that message is awesome!

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