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8-Bits, now we're talking. The Age when gamers became gamers. I actually miss the old 8-bit and 16-bit days...but here's to 8-Bits and all the fun I remember having as a child.

My Favorite 8-Bit Games (Sorry Dag, all NES, I never had a Sega)

Dragon Warrior, my first video, dag already added one...

Double Dragon, I had 1-3, part 2 was the shit, and 3, personally, I loved it, but others hated is for part 2

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Marble Madness
YouTube- Marble Madness NES speed run
Contra, bastard is video makes it look so fucking easy...

Adventures of Bayou Billy, I hated this game, but was addicted to trying to beat it

Battle Chess


Blades of Steel

Blaster Master, loved this game so much...never beat it...

Bubble Bobble

Dig Dug


Ikari Warriors, tanks 'nuff said!

Metroid, also is 1987 Dag with female main character, but you knew that (the video says 86...but he sucks)

Mike Tyson's Punch Out, I had a Power Glove...I still couldn't knock Mike out

Ninja Gaiden, I spent most of the time just running around and jumping off of stuff, it was fun


R.C. Pro Am

Skate or Die 2, ok, I never actually played the "game" I would play ramp mode all day and get super high scores and have the chick come out with her hearts and all of was great.

Smash TV, listen to this kid in the video...I had to laugh

Tecmo Bowl, sooo much fun back then lol

Tecmo Super Bowl, best football game it's all Madden

WWF WrestleMania, doing cartwheel kicks with Bam Bam Bigelow never got old (Seriously, listen to this guy, I laughed again.)

TMNT, was hard...
TMNT 2:ARcade Game, was...well...ok, I guess. It wasn't the arcade game I was hoping for.

That's just about all the games I ever had for NES. I had some crappy ones, but they aren't worth mentioning, except to say, I had crappy games.
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